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  1. Memo Ballpoint Pen XB, Box of 10

  2. Ballpoint pen with cap
  3. Line width Extra Broad (XB)
  4. Box of 10 units
  5. Ballpoint pen with Viscoglide® technology
  6. For extraordinarily smooth and gliding writing
  7. Ink waterproof according to ink standard ISO 12757-2
  8. Ink dries quickly and is smudge proof when highlighting it later on
  9. Ergonomic shape and rubberized surface
  10. Cap with metal clip fits neatly on the end of the barrel
  11. Wear-resistant stainless steel tip
  12. Produced CO2 neutrally
  13. Made in Germany
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  • Job Highlighter, Box of 10un.

    Get the job done with brilliant results! The Schneider Job Highlighter has a chisel tip for line widths 1mm and 5mm. This highlighter features intensive color and light-resistant ink that is universal for standard, copy and fax paper. The highlighter has a cap with practical and sturdy clip, and the barrel parts are made from anti-evaporation PP for long-term shelf life. Awarded the prestigious if and Red Dot design award. Discover for yourself why Schneider was voted the Brand of the Century by Deutsche Standards. With its large ink reservoir, the Job pen can highlight over 15,000 words. Learn More